Welcome to the Arabian Horse Weekend 2018!

On Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th of May we are organizing the 15th Arabian Horse Weekend in 'Manege de Pijnhorst' Sint-Oedenrode (The Netherlands)! The preparations are already in full swing. Because of the great enthusiasm in previous years, we have decided to organize a complete weekend for you, in which the versatility and beauty of the extraordinarily beautiful Arabian Horse can be shown. Of course the ‘Southern Dutch’ hospitality will not be forgotten!

On Saturday 26th of May we will organize for the 3th time the Aljassimya Farm Amateur Challenge. The judges for this show are: Mrs. P. Böhmer (The Netherlands), Mrs. N. Philippot (Belgium) and Mr. G. Smith (Australia). Also this year we will organize the Pleasure classes: classic, hunter and western. The judge for these classes: Mrs. H. Hennekens-van Nes (Belgium). Als we will organize the Trail Ridden and in hand novice. The judges for this class: Mrs. M. Bouterse (The Netherlands). All the in hand and ridden classes will be held in the Main Ring on grass. In the afternoon we will start with the ECAHO International C-Show mixed with the ECAHO National C-Show. There will be 2 rankings between 1 class and the horses that will participate for the Int and National C-show, will be shown 1 time for the same team of judges. The judges for both shows are: Mr. G. Aragno (Italy), Mr. C. Bakker (The Netherlands), Mr. A. Darawsha (Israel), Mrs. A. Safady (The Netherlands), Mr. G. Smith (Australia) and Mr. T. Tarczynski (Poland). There will be 4 judges in the ring so the judges will change each class. We will start with the foals, geldings and senior mares classes + championships National and / or International.

On Sunday 27th of May we will continue with the ECAHO National C-show, mixed with the International C-show. This day all the junior mares and stallions classes will be organized. Only for the International C-show we will held Yearling championships (if we have enough entries). At the end of the day, the judge will choose the Best of Show National C-show 2018 and Best of Show International C-show 2018. There will be 2 Best of Show horses! Each champion receives a beautiful price and in addition, we will not forget the beautiful cups, flower wreaths and additional prizes like the beautifull paintings on wood, made by E. Stegeman!

We have a discount of 15% for the total entry fee if your enter your horse for 2 or 3 shows. We have special entry fees for the foal classes as well as for the mothers of the participating foals. For the geldings is also a discount. The horses that will participate at the National C-show and International C-show, has only to pay for the entry fee for the International. Also it's possible to participate only at the National or International C-show

It is possible to stay overnight and there are stables for your horses.

Sint-Oedenrode is situated on the A50 (Nijmegen-Eindhoven), just above Eindhoven and is easy to access. There is free parking and free entrance for visitors on both days.

Address of the showground:
Manege de Pijnhorst
Bremhorst 6
5491 LR Sint-Oedenrode
The Netherlands

For entryforms and sponsoring, check Downloads!

A Special thanks to E. Stegeman for making the beautifull paintings on wood for the Champions.